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Cambodia jobs

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Cambodia nowadays is a developing country that located in Southeast Asia and technology sector is noticeably growing. Cambodia has so many young people that are between 16 and 25 years old. They graduate from various educational institutions and look for different kinds of jobs in Cambodia. Although job growth in Cambodia is high, the number of people who have no jobs in Cambodia is still the problems for the government. There are not enough jobs for the young people. During studying, some young people try to find part time jobs or volunteer jobs associated with sharpen their skills and to get experiences.
Cambodia is a part of livelihood of Cambodian citizens. However, in Cambodia, around 70 percent of the population who live in rural areas are farmers, and they mainly grow the rice.
Nowadays the government of Cambodia are working hard to prevent young people from leaving the country to find jobs in other countries or gathering in the urban areas.
Finding a job in Cambodia is much easier than other countries because many companies won't respond the resume from abroad, and on the other hand, finding work in Cambodia isn't hard to do. There are so many popular job guideline websites like, a good place to guide you to the right job position.

Cambodia in Education
Education is the best connection that links people to the better opportunities. Their future life and their livelihood reduce unemployment. Finding a good job in Cambodia depends on knowledge, education background and employment is also faces to the problems. They will not only learn one thing, but they have to know more about many different things, multiple skills, and many languages as well. The more you know, the more you can easily get jobs in Cambodia.

Opportunities and Challenges
Jobs in Cambodia for nowadays is challenging to get opportunities to be first person in that opportunity, that was happened to the young people is currently in Cambodia. That is a part one of Cambodia development to the better country. However, in Cambodia it is, generally, very challenging if you want to work at one organization. You have to challenge with many candidates to get a good opportunity. On the other hand, you have to know many things besides your skills.

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